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Monday, June 5, 2017

When is a piece finished?

The are things that are really right about this piece and there are a couple of things that are not perfect!  When do you stop and say done?  If you continue to work on the piece, sometimes you loose the freshness of the work and it becomes overworked and stale.   I am electing to call this one done for now and in a couple of weeks I may (but hopefully not)... may do some touch ups.

I am calling this, "There are Worlds within Us".  The work I am doing right now is going to be disjointed until I happen upon a series/idea I want to pursue.  Different techniques, subject matter, and colors, are going to appear.

I am struggling to find what's next, but I will know it when it comes around the bend....


Krys Pettit said...

I always have to force myself t stop fiddling. I know I am doing it, I can feel it, and I have to force myself to walk away. I have ruined many a painting by not letting it be what it is supposed to be -- finished. :)

difergie said...

They say you have to ruin hundreds to get together point where you know just when to stop! I am well on my way😭. Di