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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GALLERY ON MAIN-new gallery in Sweetwater

Now being represented at "Gallery on Main" in Sweetwater, TN.  Lovely shop filled with artwork by local and regional artists.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

In the interim.....

Having a main machine malfunction!  My mid-arm is in the shop and I can not quilt my competition piece as planned.  Luckily, I have plenty of time before the deadline so there is no real emergency.  Instead of working on some project on my list...hmmm... I decided to put together a 'boom' quilt that I have just gotten all the blocks back from the  other participants.  What is a 'boom swap,' you ask????  A boom swap is when you have a group of quilters that each send a fat eighth of  their selected fabric to each and every participant.  Then everyone makes a block out of the received fabric and sends it back to the original sender thence the fabric 'boomerangs' back.  Hopefully, that is fairly clear!  I like to participate because I get to play with color and make different blocks.  Plus the camaraderie is always welcome.  I consider activities like these my fun as oppose to the art quilts which I take somewhat seriously.  Soooo, anyhow- here is a pix of the king size to be quilt for my guestroom that I am making out of blocks from all over the US....this is just the center portion.  There will be borders, pillows....etc.  It may take a while...
I received 15 blocks and as  you can see I will have to add some extra....

Other note of interest- have had a quilt accepted into the "Art Quilts Whimsy" show in Cary, North Carolina  April 23-June 22 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Special Order Done...

This is a request for a friend.  I do not have a final title for it yet but am thinking, 'Thanksgiving, Prayer, and Praise', not sure yet.  May let her name it. She wanted warm colors and long and here it is.  I used bleach discharge, inks, chenille embellishments and an applique technique. 

As usual I have to wait a week or two before I am sure it is done-but I do like it.

Carry on and play it forward....  :-)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Working on smalls....

Am currently (among other things)..working on making some small pieces to sell. I need  something that people can buy without it being a major purchase.  Normally, I make some ornaments but I really do not like making them as they aren't as artsy to me. The problem is I do not know what the framing costs will be we shall see if I can keep the prices low.  Below are two compositions that I have just done without the stitching, hair, embellishments..etc, done yet.  I am enjoying making these as they are fun composition exercises and I get to play with colors and my vast stash of scraps!  Will post when I get a couple framed.  I like to think of them as mini art quilts.  Their sizes are under 10" and more then 4", so they are quite a manageable size.  I am liking them....

PS: Note the pink floor.....

Here is one with the stitching, hair, buttons....

Monday, January 27, 2014

One more goal accomplished for January!

Quite awhile ago, or if  you prefer 'Once Upon a Time", I traded some of my quilted/collage yardage for some of a talented friend's  felted wool/mixed media yardage.  I have been 'meaning' to make a coat/vest out of it forever.  Well, on my January list of things to do was to make this vest and I am thrilled with it!  (though I am not sure I put the button on the correct side :-)...I am left handed what can I tell you!)  The fabric is just drop dead gorgeous thanks to artist Geri Forkner...who happens to be in Thailand having a show and teaching fashion/textile students.  Just thought I would drop that tidbit.  Now back to some art quilts.....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Urban Dreams"

Last spring, I was looking at our lovely backyard gardens and I thought how someone living in the city could only dream of having all this beauty surrounding them.  That  thought was the beginning of this piece entitled , "Urban Dreams". 

Am also working on two other projects that are nearing completion....should be able to post them in the next week or two.....keep tuned!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am in and I am working......phew

I am sure everyone is tired of my talking of my 'studio' but it is a dream realized and now it is ready for all sorts of wonderful things to be created in it.  I promise the next pictures will be of art!  I am so happy to have this is actually bigger than I thought it would be.  My husband (the engineer) says it is 532 sq. ft..  Didn't sound like a lot of space but it is more than ample.  Of course you know it will fill up with lots more stuff because that is the law of nature (and quilters).  I have to admit it is a little bit of a pressure to have this space because I have to use it and not be a slacker.....SO-here it is, pink floors and all.  I still have some valences to make and some area rugs to buy...but it is 98% done!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

My studio, my is finally happening....

So it is finally going to happen.  After the small building I was going to purchase fell through we decided to find a way for me to have a larger studio at home.  For two months we have been building a new garage for the cars and NOW we are going to remodel the old tandem garage into a studio for me.  An 'art cave' if you will call it.  I will have room for painting and my textiles.  I can not wait.  And yes the concrete floor is going to be hot pink.  This is my space and when I enter I want to smile.  Thanks for my poor husband who has been emptying all the stuff out of the old garage so that they can start in two days.  Projected time to complete the project is three weeks, hmmmm, we will see if that can happen....Until then I am happy dancing....

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Asheville Show...

Show is done and the year is wrapping up.  Next project is remodeling a garage into a studio.  This is starting later this week and I am really excited.  Everything in the studio is on  hold until probably the new year.  I am sure there will be some small projects in order for me to retain  my sanity but no serious sewing until January.  The holiday season is upon us and it is time for family and friends!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Quilt for the Show, and then...

...the Holiday season attacks and there will be a slight pause as the seasonal decorating etc...kicks in!
As for now, I will be participating in the Southern Highland Craft Guild Show (October 17-20th, Ashville) which is always a great time.  Come by booth #420 and say hi if you come to the event.  The quilt in the picture is going to be about 40"x40" and will be the largest piece in my arsenal this year.  It is a fun, whimsical piece, which I am liking a lot - at the moment.  All is good, creativity is a high...and it is not even illegal!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On schedule and happy, happy, happy!!

This piece is called "Dreaming with the Angels" and I am doing a sister piece right now called "Angels in the Garden".  Both of these pieces will be at the Southern Highland Guild Show in Ashville, October 17-20th.  I have been working steadily since April making a body of work to present.  The usual self-doubts are not surfacing yet and I am happy with everything.  Of course, there are little things I would have done differently if I were to do some of them over.  

The summer was hectic as I had a lot of company (some unexpected!) but all is well and it is a good is a blessed day.....(isn't it nice when things are on track)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

piles of this and piles of that!

Just came back from a wonderful visit with my son and his family and now back to work before more company comes.....still working....The studio building that I was hoping to buy fell through the day before closing so I am back to looking for a space.  Life!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

creating printing block...

I am gearing up for the Southern Highland Craft show in October and I have to have some smalls so that I will be sure of paying for my booth fee!  I just finished making a printing block so that I can print angels for ornaments again and again and again.  Then I will paint/ink, embellish etc.....I only need about 100 so that will only take me FOREVER!....This was the first run and I have some adjustments to do...then on to making them irresistible....hopefully!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

two panels ready to go.....

Have been working with bleaching/color discharge and decided to go with two vertical panels for the next projects.  Discharged the tops and left the bottom the original prints.  I am seeing a dark city scene for the left and gardeny for the right.

I also want these to have my little angels dancing in the skies or hidden in the scenery.  We shall see what progresses....

Company coming...finish up for now and thinking

So, have been working on these and they are them, hate them....will evaluate them in three months.  They are evolving and I am really liking the triangular angels...

Somewhere on facebook was posted a saying to the effect that " an artist's job is not to evaluate their work, their job is to create it.."  .I have taken that saying very much to heart and whenever I start to critique my own work, I stop myself!

If a creator/artist produces and produces, their style and viewpoint becomes more evident and technique will improve just by the repetition of the processes.  So it is a win/win for an artist to show up everyday and work, work, work.  That is exactly what I do....everyday. 

Sooo..saying all that, I am not judging my work, I am just "evolving" although sometimes it seems more like revolving...but that's a path I am not going

Monday, June 24, 2013

So much going on.....

a dream of a lifetime is trying to come true..I am about to put a contract on a small studio!  Time will tell but I am ever hopeful.  As for my day to day, I am still working on small art quilts.  The latest two are below....the top quilt is created with silk dyes and the lower with inks....

The next ones in queue will not be faces.  They will have stairs and figures.  I need at least 10 more smalls and then I can concentrate on a large piece.  Experimenting with all sorts of products is helping me to identify what processes work best for what I want to accomplish.  A lot of little chores await on my 'to do' list, such as setting up an ETSY store, ordering labels, etc.  Marketing/selling is so not what I want to do..  With a studio on the horizon, it is time to start promoting myself again and justify the expense of my own space.  I have dreamed of a space that I would not have to leave or pay someone's  mortgage off for them and it is just at the edge of my fingertips....wish me luck....d
I just read this and I do sound a little 'harried'...oh well, life

Monday, June 17, 2013

Silk Art Quilts...

Just finished my first trial with the silk paintings for the center of the small art quilts....I have done silk painting in the past but it has been a while.  The time it took for these was much longer than anticipated due to my having to remember steps, etc.  I am reasonably happy with them and will do some more.  The next piece I want to do will be a larger piece using the silk techniques, hopefully, it will be a success!  Onward, I go.  The purpose of all these quilts are to get ready for a show BUT also to build up a portfolio of current work and experiment for a  fresh new look for what I have been doing.  I am enjoying the, I think that is what ultimately counts.   Back to work.....

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Approach...

So this is a year of experimentation and I am continuing the small art quilts but now I am experimenting with creating my own image, ie silk painting/dying, and then I will explore how I want them finished.  Silk has such a beautiful sheen and it makes the whole piece look so rich!  Will probably be using some hand embellishment, ribbons, and textile paints.  We shall see.  I am already thinking of  another technique in the next batch that will rev the look up quite a bit.  Hopefully, when I try my idea out it will look like what I have in my head.  Always a journey...

Just came back from visiting two of my precious grandaughters in Colorado and guess what we did!  My eight year old is learning sewing and we will never guess....American Girl doll was a great trip....

Happy creating....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whoops....down one

Out of my three pieces for this week, one has died as a big blob of black fabric paint splattered on the face of the walking umbrella man....oh, is now a practice fabric for new techniques!  Here is my favorite of the two left....
Now a slight break as I have to make some doll quilts for an upcoming visit with my grandaughters...but will be drawing designs so I will be able to get back to work as soon as I return...
Silk painting is getting ready to be added to the processes....can't wait because I love to make art!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

These still have a way to go...

I still have a way to go BUT I am on schedule.  Every week I pick two images that must be in each block and then pick a background fabric for all three of them.  Then I get to work, trying different compositions, mediums, procedures, etc., etc.  These are not done so don't be too harsh, I will post the favorite of my the three in a couple of days.  Right now the bottom left is winning.  One never knows until they are done.....
This weeks images had to have buildings and umbrellas/parasols...of course that is a totally normal choice as I perceive it...ahhh, perception

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Next three almost done!

I am on my way to having 30 quilts this medium size (for a small quilt), and then I need several smaller ones (which will probably be faces), and one large for display....THEN I will be ready for the Southern Highland  Craft Guild's show in the fall.  Whether all this is achievable, I will let you know in September. LOL...
Working on three at a time lets me be a little more efficient in pulling out fabrics etc, plus I just like the challenge of doing three that coordinate yet are different.  You can tell as the fabrics I am working with run out because I have to draw from a different palette, ie the red.  These three are about connection as per the cord/thread that connects us as human beings, families, and societies is represented in each piece. 
Just catching up on the I need to go quilt the one on the right and bind it....
I am excited about the next three the back will be a lovey soft color...we shall see, have a couple of ideas for the theme but am not sure yet....bye

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Went to Susan Shie's 'Turtle Moon Art Camp' in Wooster, Ohio last week and learned a lot of new techniques for painting on fabric.  This is the 'look' for airbrushing, (I am on the right).  The mask is a killer!! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

it's a start!

There are just not enough minutes in the day...but here is the start of a long project...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Dance!

Just was notified that the quilt I submitted for, "Light, Hope, Opportunity: Empowering Women through Clean Energy" exhibit,was accepted and will be showing at the Palais des Nations of the European headquarters of the United Nations in June.  Very excited, then it will be touring in the USA in various venues.  This show is abouting bringing awareness to the community/world about energy poverty and ways to be a part of the solution.  The show is sponsored by Solar Sisters...check out their website .  They are a good thing....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Leftover' quilt

This quilt is a compilation of leftover boom blocks and a round robin gone awry!  It was fun to come up with a design solution with all the disparate parts...and I actually like it alot...I like working asymetrically...should do it more often! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

projects in the studio

Working on several projects!  The bird is a round robin that never became completed in the group I am going to finish it now for me..the brown will be a contemporary art quilt with ladders and souls, and the floral is a spring swap piece...I am trying to tie up a few loose ends ( partially finished projects which luckily I don't have very many ...maybe 4 or five), no rush but like to plug along and get them finished... will post progress as it happens

The most important of the above is the brown.  I have bleach discharged part of the fabric and drawn out the images that will be involved...this will be a fairly complex piece, so wish me luck...argh

Thursday, March 7, 2013

'A Hint of Green'

This is for a lady in Florida who collects teapots and likes black and whites.  This is for a March swap of small pieces with the theme 'A Hint of Green'.  When I first heard the theme I thought of the green of Granny Smith apples.  It is such a beautiful color.

Now, I have one more project to complete and then I am starting a series of small art quilts.  Have images in my mind for them but not quite sure of the underlying theme yet. I am still while I have been thinking I did this small swap quilt.  Hope she likes it. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Completed, Shown, and won an award

Finished image of quilt shown in process in previous blog.  
The official title is
"A Lifetime of Monograms"
A Cinderella Story?
The quilt placed 2nd in our guild challenge and now it is out that I have been married more than once, oh well....


Just finished the quilt that is celebrating the use of solar power in underdeveloped nations.  Whether it is accepted into the show or not, is now in the judges hands.  It was a really fun quilt to make and I have to admit I like it.  For me it is full of hope and joy.  If the quilt is accepted it will be shown at the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland, which would be absolutely awesome!  The quilt is done, letting go, and what will be, will be!  Wish me luck.....