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Friday, January 31, 2014

Working on smalls....

Am currently (among other things)..working on making some small pieces to sell. I need  something that people can buy without it being a major purchase.  Normally, I make some ornaments but I really do not like making them as they aren't as artsy to me. The problem is I do not know what the framing costs will be we shall see if I can keep the prices low.  Below are two compositions that I have just done without the stitching, hair, embellishments..etc, done yet.  I am enjoying making these as they are fun composition exercises and I get to play with colors and my vast stash of scraps!  Will post when I get a couple framed.  I like to think of them as mini art quilts.  Their sizes are under 10" and more then 4", so they are quite a manageable size.  I am liking them....

PS: Note the pink floor.....

Here is one with the stitching, hair, buttons....

Monday, January 27, 2014

One more goal accomplished for January!

Quite awhile ago, or if  you prefer 'Once Upon a Time", I traded some of my quilted/collage yardage for some of a talented friend's  felted wool/mixed media yardage.  I have been 'meaning' to make a coat/vest out of it forever.  Well, on my January list of things to do was to make this vest and I am thrilled with it!  (though I am not sure I put the button on the correct side :-)...I am left handed what can I tell you!)  The fabric is just drop dead gorgeous thanks to artist Geri Forkner...who happens to be in Thailand having a show and teaching fashion/textile students.  Just thought I would drop that tidbit.  Now back to some art quilts.....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Urban Dreams"

Last spring, I was looking at our lovely backyard gardens and I thought how someone living in the city could only dream of having all this beauty surrounding them.  That  thought was the beginning of this piece entitled , "Urban Dreams". 

Am also working on two other projects that are nearing completion....should be able to post them in the next week or two.....keep tuned!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am in and I am working......phew

I am sure everyone is tired of my talking of my 'studio' but it is a dream realized and now it is ready for all sorts of wonderful things to be created in it.  I promise the next pictures will be of art!  I am so happy to have this is actually bigger than I thought it would be.  My husband (the engineer) says it is 532 sq. ft..  Didn't sound like a lot of space but it is more than ample.  Of course you know it will fill up with lots more stuff because that is the law of nature (and quilters).  I have to admit it is a little bit of a pressure to have this space because I have to use it and not be a slacker.....SO-here it is, pink floors and all.  I still have some valences to make and some area rugs to buy...but it is 98% done!!!