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Friday, May 13, 2016

Design Wall...this week

Working on three projects currently, albeit at a non rushed pace.  For my personal quilt for the year, I am doing 100 6" blocks.  I am working with a project in which two blocks are revealed a week, so the quilt will literally take a year.  My interpretation of the blocks is not always I just do not post them on the FB not want to upset the masses!

The second project is a 20" square to be entered in an exhibition.  That will be all I can say about that one at the moment.  Other than I can only use solid fabrics which is insane!

Third project is doing a variation of a block presented to me every week.  We shall see how this goes as there is a good probability that my blocks may not be what they are expecting.  Such is the life of an independent thinker.  Crazy is never understood.....