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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Close( Clothes) to READYYYYY

I am getting ready for the Tennessee Presents Textiles show, and it feels sooo good! I have 12 coats and hope to make 3 more for the event. This is a new jacket and it's SOLD...It was not in my plans to sell it before the runway show but when someone wanted to buy it, how could I refuse? I do make them to sell them. This coat is really spetacular in real life and has such a personality of its own.
The main fabric is done with a collage technique and the design of the coat has a back panel that works really well for an artistic composition.
I embellish the fabric with some chenille yarn, a little thread painting and the funky leather buttons add alot of fun to the whole melange of colors. It also has a turnback cuff adding more color to the mix. As always, I hope that the owner feels really special when she wears one of my 'artwears'.
I will be having professional pictures taken of my jackets before the big show and will of course post them for your viewing pleasure. Not, that I don't think you don't love my blurry ones. Sorry about that, have to figure out my camera's settings. Well, back to work......

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just to enter new note....tooo busy, tooo much stuff keeping me away from my work...not a happy week I am locking myself in my house and not answering my phone...if only I could do that!