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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot off the Press..."Giving Praise"

Well, this art quilt is done and it's title is "Giving Praise". For some inane reason when I get an image in my mind it seemes to always include these little arm uplifted figures. I seem to have a need to 'praise' in my artwork. So, one must go with the flow and here is the latest wall hanging. I am happy with the intensity of the colors and the outcome. The rings around the orb are chenille, so that adds a tactile quality to my piece and there are little gold dots emitting from the hands of the ladies. They represent 'joy'. If you didn't know what joy looks like, you do now!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I really am working....

I haven't just been playing! My goal was to make 500' scrappie star' ornaments for fall shows. Well, that goal has realistically been modified to 250 and I am almost done except for putting on the hanging ribbons.

The starz were an interesting project in that I promised myself I would spend no extra money on the making of them. I took all my scraps and sewed them together into long strips of ribboned fabric. However, I ran out of material too soon. So then, I recruited scraps from fellow quilters, and batting, and buttons. What a great group of friends. I told three people I needed buttons, lo and behold, I was gifted with over 10,ooo shirt buttons. I was afraid after that to tell anyone else I needed anything!

Every star is different and somewhat funky. I must confess that if I see another scrap anytime soon, I will run in fright. Now back to purses.....