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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Completed, Shown, and won an award

Finished image of quilt shown in process in previous blog.  
The official title is
"A Lifetime of Monograms"
A Cinderella Story?
The quilt placed 2nd in our guild challenge and now it is out that I have been married more than once, oh well....


Just finished the quilt that is celebrating the use of solar power in underdeveloped nations.  Whether it is accepted into the show or not, is now in the judges hands.  It was a really fun quilt to make and I have to admit I like it.  For me it is full of hope and joy.  If the quilt is accepted it will be shown at the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland, which would be absolutely awesome!  The quilt is done, letting go, and what will be, will be!  Wish me luck.....

Great News!

This past week I was notified that one of my quilts was accepted into SAQA's "Metaphors on Aging" show, which is premiering in Birmingham, UK at the Festival of Quilts and then on to the Johannesburg Quilt Festival in South Africa.  The show will be traveling from 2013-2015.  Very exciting.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How 'Happy" is this!

This is the start for a small quilt to enter in a show about solar power.  The show is sponsored by  an organization called 'Solar Sisters'. One of their missions is to help African women to improve their life standards by using solar power to energize lanterns that the families can use to be productive at night... children can do homework, read, etc.  It is so just that 'light begats light' both literally and figeratively.  My parading women will each have a lantern (the lanterns are actually red, how cool it that), and there will be a sun,  houses with lite windows and we shall see what happens from there.  For more information about the show go to  .

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something more traditional for a change!

This is a mini "doll" quilt for a swap.  The theme is 'Stripes and Strips'.  I had just purchased the book "String Quilt Revival" when I saw this  it must have been meant for me to participate.    The quilt is going to Arizona  (I think) and my swap partner shared that she liked pink and purple.  There are almost 300 pieces in this 18 x 18 inch piece.  Note to self: do not make your own pieced stripe fabric ever again!  Hopefully my swap partner  will like this piece.  If not, she can send it back.  Just kidding.....sort of...  :-)