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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Getting Ready....

 The weeks before a show involve a lot of detail work!  There are labels to submit, prices to assign, wrapping, and sorting.  The biggest job is selecting the work that will be in each show.  The work should be cohesive (a body) and of course you want your best work out there.  Sometimes there is a frantic effort to finish what you are sure will be your best piece ever or in my case this effort to have enough 'smalls' so that anyone can afford an original piece of my art.

Everything is in order...I think, I have everything done except the more smalls the better.  Working on those everyday.  These particular small pieces (4x6") sell at a show for $30 and are original, painted, mixed media pieces.  They are actually fun to do because the imagination can go crazy.  There is more time in them than I am monetarily rewarded for but oh wellllll'....
The show is at Broadway Studios and Gallery, Knoxville, TN for the month of June.  The opening happens to be June 1...which is my birthday, so that is kind of fun.  There are not too many places I would rather be on my birthday other that at a gallery sharing my artwork!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Catching a Fallen Star....

This was inspired by several artists I have been studying lately, but I think mainly by Sharon Harkness-Dobler, who gave the LFI2018 lesson this week.  She has a folksy style with strong colors and little reverence for proportion! I love her style.  She is on instagram and I always love seeing what she comes up with.

This is a small piece on paper, 9x12 and worked up fairly quickly.  I love the piece's quirkiness and hope you do also.

Have a good one...Di

Sunday, May 6, 2018

What makes a painting real? (in my world!)

I call this a 'real' painting.  "What makes it real?", you ask. .... I will explain.  Always creating, usually daily, I do not always work on something that will go in a show or that I plan to exhibit.  My balance, as a creative, is found in play and challenges.  So therefore, I do 'real' paintings and 'play' paintings.  This painting is a 'real' painting and is part of a series about how the perception of reality is subjective and that there are so many unseen factors in life.  This belongs to my current 'body of work'.

Now, are 'real' paintings better than 'fun' paintings.  Absolutely not.  All my paintings are created to the best of my ability but I do think you hear my innermost voice strongest in the paintings for exhibit.  They are more thought out and have more of a story.  'Fun' or 'Real', they are both art and hopefully interesting and thought provoking.   So now you know....... :-)

PS this painting will be showing at Broadway Studios and Gallery, Knoxville, TN...with a body of work the month of June...opening June 1