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wandering on a road to an unknown destination
self actualization in a discovery mode

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Having fun with a bit of abstracting....... this is why I take classes online because I am always learning about new products, approaches, and being stretched to try new things.  I think the bottom painting is the better attempt at abstracting.  When you are a literal thinker it is hard to lose all form!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Studies in Neutral...

Hello...My name is Diana and I am a Color Addict!  So, this week in one of my online classes the lesson was with a 'limited palette'....horror music playing in the background!!!!  But all kidding aside, I love brown tone paintings and have been thinking I might need to tone down the saturated colors I use in my paintings.  I know this will not totally happen but I did really enjoy doing these two pieces.

Usually in a class, I take the new ideas, techniques, or whatever and apply them to a piece that reflects my body of work.  The lady in the white dress is in my art journal and purely for fun.  The top artwork is titled, 'Wholeness" and is a continuation of my orb series.

It was a fun week as you can observe.  FYI...the two online classes I participate in are, Let's Face It 2018, and Painting Your Heart and Soul 2018,...there are some incredible artists participating and some very good beginning artists.  The classes keep me humble and off the streets-two very good things..looking forward to the new classes ....xxoo Di

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"The Moment of Surrender"

This painting was inspired by a class that I am taking in which a landscape was presented for us to do.  The main focus was on the sky.  When I started seeing a sky in my mind, I kept envisioning the moment when the spirit leaves a body.  And that image in my head was the birth of this painting.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

First painting of the year!

Won't say much about this  because I posted this am...first picture of the year continuing the spiritual orb....I was thinking of the marriage ceremony when I created title at this time.....

Have to love January....

I have come to love the month of January!  The holiday season comes to a close, the calendar opens up, the weather is chilly, and it is a perfect time to get back in the studio.

Every year I try to take an extraneous class, just for fun and enrichment.  Last year I took a class on portraits.  This year the class is about learning from the masters.  In fitting style, the first projects have to do with the renaissance.  So here is my spirit orb renaissance lady.  This was so much fun to do and I am really looking forward to the future classes.  The class is a facebook class and called Let's Face It 2018 for anyone interested in participating.  It is very well coordinated!

Of course, I am continually working on my current series and will post the works as I finish them.  There are several shows and prospects in line for this year, so back to work.  (but it is not really work if you love doing it...right?).