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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fun Day

Today was a play day and I had fun creating this face...I always start off intending to make a pretty face and then I get carried away...pretty is so over rated!  I was intending to do an encaustic (wax) finish on it but am not sure because of storing issues...we shall see....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Unlocked Revelations"

This piece is a response to a theme of shields/defense systems that we use to protect ourselves personally.  I do not think of myself using a wall or shield but I do see myself keeping safe by using locked doors that are only opened for people who have been vetted as safe for me to show my true spirit/heart.

It would be a perfect world that we could just be 'open books' without fear of judgement and critical summaries.  However, that is not the way of the world and I will choose to be selective in whom I unlock doors and invite in.  (that is somewhat of an oxymoron as I do open up on this blog, but you are invisible to me and deemed safe! hmmmm).

Anyway, this is this week's piece and is a reworked canvas that I could never resolve.  Now, it is done......

Saturday, May 13, 2017

All week, just one small piece!

So, it took me an entire week to do this one 11x14" piece!  That is not normal for me and I am not even sure if I like it.  Oh well, I am trying to stretch myself and do new things, but as is human nature, I want to go back to my usual way.  It is not easy to change perspectives and/or habits.  Give me a month or two and I will decide if this is a great, mediocre, or terrible piece.  Here it is, never the less, for you to make your own decision.

One of my favorite sayings is,  my job is to create the is the job of others to judge it....

So judge away...

Friday, May 5, 2017

New Knee and I am back.....

Had a knee replacement done not quite 3 weeks ago and this is the first piece I have done since then.  'Vulnerable', was a word theme in one of the online classes I am taking and that immediately brought forth an image to my mind that I knew I had to capture.

Having spent the last 19 days progressing from a walker to a cane, I wanted to pay homage to the vulnerability of health and age.  Unfortunately, this really only looks a little like me...looks younger, but hey!.. I think it captures the feeling, thoughts, and resignation of aging.  My friends say I paint myself looking too old anyway.  (I also was referred to as 'elderly' this week....what a week!)

Anyway, I really love this image and hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

FYI- Show is up until end of July...

Solo show- a Great Success...thank you!

I have no idea how these pictures  will rearrange themselves when I hit publish...but here they are.  It was a lovely show and a great joy for me to be able to show this series as a whole.  The turn out was wonderful, the food was great and I think everyone had a great time.  Being able to show your work after having it stacked up in the studio, and hearing how people react to the work is so gratifying.  We artists live for the moment.  Our egos puff up and the creative juices are pumped and ready to go again.  Thanks to everyone who came and to those of you that attended in spirit.  I love you all.  NOW,  Monday am, a knee replacement....ugh

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Recycling fun....

Found an old unfinished painting in a closet upstairs while looking for who knows what!  The canvas was at least 10 years old so I have learned a couple new things along the way.  Updating the subject matter, enhancing the composition, and exploring what the painting wanted to say was fun and now it is done!

My theme/interests through the years seem to stay the same, as I am always drawn to the spiritual.  Happy places draw me in. This piece has no official title but has to do with releasing your blessings and giving thanks.


Friday, March 10, 2017

imaginary likeness...easy

People never like a picture of themselves especially women.  One paints a portrait and everyone but the person it is of, recognizes them!  Frustrating....but I keep telling myself doing portraits is for my growth as a painter and I will not let silly little things get me down.  However, I just did an imaginary face with some layering to complex the piece up and I really like it.  So, I will share it with you-it is only 9x12, a jewel for fun.....

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oh, the details....

So now it is time to make sure everything is signed, glazed, framed, documented....yeah, like the fun stuff (NOT)...However, complaining aside, it is so nice to have "The Village" pieces ready for the two upcoming solo shows.

Of course, I am in the artistic-hating-not satisfied with my work mode- but I know from experience that when I see them all hanging I will be proud and happy.

What next?  I need to find some more venues to show this series, work on my portraits of my Cronies, and I have some images in my head of where I want to go with my next series of work. Sketchbook time!!!!

FYI...just for inquiring minds, it took me close to two years to put this "Village" series of 25 pieces together.  As they say-Rome was not built in a day.....

Thursday, February 16, 2017

first four portraits

These are the first four of my
"Crones" series... (crone=friend)...and what I have discovered is that I will never be a portrait artist!  I am attempting to do representational paintings of friends but none of them have been -spot on-....oh well, it is good practice and each week the class I am taking gives us a different approach/technique to like medicine-it is good for me.  I actually enjoy doing these, I just get frustrated when I can't get them exactly accurate...but of course being me, I only give it one shot instead of persisting until I am satisfied...onward

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Working on final 'Village" piece

This piece is 3'x4' and will be the final piece in "The Village" series, I have been working on.  The title of it will probably be Community as it incorporates a lot of the characters I have created in the past two years.  There are about 24 works in the series so I now have a packaged show.  The series will be shown in two solo shows this year and hopefully, I will find some other venues.

My next series is going to be a spiritual woman series and I am planning on it being much more textural and loose.   In a creative trip one never knows where life will take them, but I have to say that the journey so far has been a great ride!  The portraits I have been doing of friends, I will continue to do as they are good technical practice for me.

Hang in there with me and thanks for viewing my blog and following my path of creativity with me. I am solitary in my studio pretty much and your viewing my ramblings means a lot to me.   di

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Overworked Piece...but I did it

Only 48 more portraits to go in the online class I am taking.  This week we were suppose to practice glazing for fun on a drawing of a face.  I, of course, have to make life difficult and decided to do the faces of  friends  (with no guarantees it will look like them).   I massively overworked this piece but next week will be better.  It is not terrible and does have a resemblance to her.  I am calling this one "K", as her first name begins with K.  For the rest of the week I am working on a 3'x4' piece for the Village show.  Will show that as I get further along.  TaTa .....

Friday, January 27, 2017


I am taking an online class, "Let's Face It 2017", in which for 52 weeks we will be doing a face a week.  This week was introduced by a guest instructor and we did glazing on top of a monochromatic painting.  I have always wanted to try this technique as it is what the old masters did. I had a really great time trying this procedure out.  The process is slow but if you build up slowly over time, you will have a really stellar piece. (Which I will do in the near future). ...So-  most everyone else in the class is doing pretty faces but I want to do 'mature' faces.  I have put out a call to friends, old in friendship and a little old in timeline, and hope to do most of them during this year.  I see a show coming up titled--"Old Cronies"....stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Back on the right road again....

Just finished this piece for my "Village" series.  The title is A Walk in the Village, am I clever or what?  So that is all the discourse for today, just sharing....Di

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reworking, tweaking....

Not my usual style but what I am working towards ...BUT  (note to self) I have to get the present stuff together and looking right so it looks like a  cohesive body of work.  This face is done over a piece that I never liked and I am glad I 'went for it' is much more interesting now.   Back to work....

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My World....

As I have mentioned, I have a solo show coming up in April and have been assembling the pieces I want to put in it.  This picture is a recently completed work (as in today) and I consider it my intro into the show.  I titled it, "Welcome, to my World", and it represents me in color and some of my imaginary characters being created in black and white.  The orbs as always represent the 'gift of Life' and for me will never be black and white.  Life is real and such a joyous gift.  Though the face is somewhat realistic, I just can not go without excessive color and brushwork.

Now I have to do drudge work as in painting the edges black on all the pieces, photographing, etc....blah, blah, blah, oh well- such is life.

PS  yes, I do look this old and I am embracing not mind at all...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hibernating and Working....

This is the first piece I have sewn in a very long time....about a year I think.  It is for a group activity and it only took me 3times before I got a square I liked!  I had to take a break from the textiles but now I am invigorated and ready to go again.

I am so glad that the Holiday season is over, although I did enjoy the festivities.  BUT NOW...I can get back to a schedule and be creative.
Which is what I like to do best.  I am still painting and have two solo shows coming up in the spring and summer so that in itself takes some time and preparation work.  

Hopefully, I will be posting lots of stuff in the near future.  Have two unfinished paintings waiting in line and a lot of ideas swirling in my head.  So,  I AM BACK.....see ya