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wandering on a road to an unknown destination
self actualization in a discovery mode

Monday, September 24, 2018


This I am calling "Sunday" is one of those pieces that  I am not quite sure of yet but I am pretty sure that it is done.  It is fairly large, 36"x 36" and is acrylic.

My small polka dot horse is 'photo bombing' as he is my symbol for unconditional love.  The little girl in the green dress is quite in love with him! If there is anything we should treasure, especially on Sunday, it is unconditional love.  IMHO

This piece has a real folk art feel to it.  Who knew??? I see a bit of Gauguin and who knows who else in it. Maybe ME!


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Newest in "Village Series"

"Remembering and Waiting"
Could not decide if she was remembering or waiting.  So in order to not decide, I elected to use both in the title.  What is she waiting for?  What is she remembering?  What are we all  remembering and waiting for?   Great questions, and it is up to you, the viewer to decide.  Not me though-- I have my own theories.

This is 18x24, acrylic on paper.... enjoy!