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self actualization in a discovery mode

Sunday, July 29, 2018

All About the Accessories

"It is All About the Accessories"
This is a little more graphic in style than I usually do. This week, I was challenged to apply Egon Schiele's techniques to my own work.  His work is masterfully done but I have to say I am not wild about his subject matter.  He definitely had some issues.  He has a drawing style so I tried to incorporate his line work, angular elongated  forms, and some of his style brushwork to my own work.

The exercise was fun and I pushed myself.  Maybe baby steps but I am heading in the right direction. Learning and growing because after all...if you stop growing you start dying...and I DO NOT want that!  This will be part of my "urban girls" series...of which I have two now...(not sure that even qualifies for a series, oh well,)...

Saturday, July 28, 2018


This piece is in reference to Chagall's dreamlike paintings. It is titled, "Afloat", and is 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on paper.

 My work is narrative for the most part.  To me, there is an intrigue to narrative art...instead of just being an object to view, narrative art is an invitation to stop and create your own story.  Each viewer can relate to a piece in their own way.

Loving to read, I think I carried that over to my artwork.  A good story has  many plot twists and many possible endings.  Yes, my works can be 'weird' ...but weird makes you ponder.  I like that!

This piece is layered with potential meaning....hmmmm

Friday, July 6, 2018

"I See"

Newest piece that I am titling, "I See".

No wisdom or wit to get to work...


Glimpse into my day....

 I am packaging pieces to take to galleries and stores today.  I really enjoy this part because they look so crisp and pretty.  Each piece has to be photographed (for prints), backed, and wrapped.

These particular artworks are all 18"x 24" done on paper.  Love working on paper (special heavy duty kind) because the pieces are easier to store and show.  However, framing for shows is more expensive than canvas so that is definitely a negative.

Okay, back to work for!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Two small works...

"Searching for Wisdom"
"Where do we go from Here?"

I finished up these two smaller paintings (12"x 12") this past week and I am liking them....The first is pretty standard in my series of searching/trying to be better 'enlightened' beings.  I like the open cranium, in that to me, it represents the processing of information and dissimulation of knowledge.

The second piece is a response to the chaos in the world today.  The second one pretty much summarizes the way I feel at the moment...pretty helpless.  Again it is an artistic response to the world today (in my stylized imagery sort of way).

So...enough soul baring...have a great day and honor the present....di