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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Break from the Textiles

After becoming possessed with buying handmade American ornaments on Etsy, it came to me that I can make ornaments and I am an American. So a new process has begun! Since I waste numerous hours every night on the computer while my husband is watching TV, I am repurposing those hours into making ornaments out of polymer clay. My goal is to average one a day and sell them to pay for Xmas next year. They are evolving. I do an animal, then a character, and then a face. Time will tell which of the three will take over or whether I will branch out even more. It's fun, and if no one buys one ever, I will have a pretty spectacular tree of my own. Textiles is still my primary job, but it is fun to do some sculpting again.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The MOST important coats of the year!

Here are the pictures of the two coat/vests that I made for my you can plainly see, pink is their favorite color...these were a joy to make and were well, my third grandaughter wants a painting of a unicorn...if only I can find a unicorn that will pose for Xmas of course....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Big project-almost complete

My most important project of the year is almost complete. Two jackets for my grandaughters...just need to make the detachable hoods tomorrow and they are done. They are pink of course! And they will look like little princesses in them. Was feeling guilty making designer coats and my own grandchildren didn't have a coat of mine... It would have been so much easier to go buy pretty jackets for them, but where would the love be? lets hope they fit...will post pictures tomorrow...