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Saturday, April 30, 2022



Working on small ACEO’s, that I sell on eBay. I have fun doing them and it gets my name out there.  They are whimsical and bring in the $ for art supplies etc.  Getting ready to start a ‘real’ painting’ this week and waiting to hear from two exhibitions.  So life continues on. It is all good.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Works in progress for competition….


These are not done yet but they are getting there! I have been chosen as one of three artists in Tennessee to compete for a cover on a national company’s promotional material.

The company has chosen the top three artists in each state that they have business in. I am Tennessee, hence, the Smokey mountains and irises (state flower). 

These are about 70% done and I will not show them finished until the winner is announced.  Am not sure which one I will submit and won’t know until they are finished. I have 7 days to complete them so will be busy.

This is the finals, so keeping fingers crossed. If not the winner, I am honored to have gotten this far. I have received some compensation already for my efforts and will have two new paintings for sale, so all is good…looking for some collectors from Tennessee!