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Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Tea Party' in progress

I am working on the left side of my 'Tea Party' quilt (see start below).  Hopefully by tomorrow these items will look like they are in a cupboard. I want to put dancing legs on the cupboard but we will see, as these came out a little longer than expected!  This tea party is going to have floating, dancing, and magical things happening.

This is a project a bee I am, in started last year.  We all choose a theme and then each person made an 'art block' for every other person in the group.  Now, we all have to put our individual blocks together into a quilt that reflects us.  I am incorporating their blocks into my piece.  We are showing these quilts in three shows starting in January, so the 'pedal is to the metal'!  It is really keep your fingers crossed for me.  Will keep you posted.