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Monday, March 28, 2016


Been super busy this month and kind of taking a break from ANYTHING THAT HAS A DEADLINE!! Here is a peek at a project that a friend and I are collaborating on this spring. Fellow artist,  Geri Forkner, works primarily in felting fiber (among other things) and I work primarily with woven cloth.  We are trying to put the two processes together  into a vessel form, which we are finding is not always an easy task.  This is our first piece, which we both are very pleased with.  Now our second piece that we are currently working on is talking back!  We are trying different construction techniques, and pushing ourselves to see where we can go.  We are also learning what the limits are in each others manipulation techniques.
This is our first sculpture-
It is good that we are both mature because combining two visions is both the good and the bad of the process.  Geri continually surprises me with what she comes up with and that is what makes the journey fun.

Monday, March 14, 2016

ETSY store opened.....

Took me FOREVER...but I finally opened my ETSY store...Please check it out.