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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

creating printing block...

I am gearing up for the Southern Highland Craft show in October and I have to have some smalls so that I will be sure of paying for my booth fee!  I just finished making a printing block so that I can print angels for ornaments again and again and again.  Then I will paint/ink, embellish etc.....I only need about 100 so that will only take me FOREVER!....This was the first run and I have some adjustments to do...then on to making them irresistible....hopefully!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

two panels ready to go.....

Have been working with bleaching/color discharge and decided to go with two vertical panels for the next projects.  Discharged the tops and left the bottom the original prints.  I am seeing a dark city scene for the left and gardeny for the right.

I also want these to have my little angels dancing in the skies or hidden in the scenery.  We shall see what progresses....

Company coming...finish up for now and thinking

So, have been working on these and they are them, hate them....will evaluate them in three months.  They are evolving and I am really liking the triangular angels...

Somewhere on facebook was posted a saying to the effect that " an artist's job is not to evaluate their work, their job is to create it.."  .I have taken that saying very much to heart and whenever I start to critique my own work, I stop myself!

If a creator/artist produces and produces, their style and viewpoint becomes more evident and technique will improve just by the repetition of the processes.  So it is a win/win for an artist to show up everyday and work, work, work.  That is exactly what I do....everyday. 

Sooo..saying all that, I am not judging my work, I am just "evolving" although sometimes it seems more like revolving...but that's a path I am not going