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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back in the normal routine....ahhhhh

Finished a long list of things 'to do' this month and now I can get back to the daily pick and choose of what I am going to work on today.  I finally finished a collage vase of flowers, not my normal subject matter but it was fun to do.  It is a vahhh-se, instead of a vase because it costs more than $  One this size (16"x 22") unframed goes for $350, so it is a vahhh-se.  Now, I have to get back to work because I have two more that need to be completed....I love my life !!!!!  PS you can not see it in this picture but there is some beading in the flowers.  What? you say, use bigger beads so they show up....hmmmm

Friday, January 23, 2015


It seems all I did this week was art related computer work....I shall go MAAAD.  All a necessary evil in a professional world.  I think I prefer living under the rock...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Peek.....

This is all that I can reveal to you at this time.  I am doing this piece for something specific. Many shows request that you do not show your entered work before the show opens.  So, I make it a rule not to show any of my big pieces until they are opening in a show.  This was inspired by a painting I made  years ago.  Today, the jungle is being added and then the inking begins.  Let us hope that it is accepted in the exhibit I intend it to go in.  No matter, if it is rejected by one, it can be accepted in another.  That is the game of art!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year-New Work on the way....

This is how I create a larger piece (over 40")...I plan the design, draw on muslin, load up on a mid-arm, surround myself with fabric of all colors and sizes, and then go to town.  Not anything mysterious to the process, it just takes time!  My mid-arm gives me  a lot of trouble so sometimes the process is wrought with frustration.  I scream, yell, curse, and then prevail as I refuse to have a machine limit me.  The fun part of this process is I don't get to see the whole piece until I unroll it off the it is sort of like Christmas and getting a present, (I might like it, I might not).  Of course, I can always reload it on the machine and finesse the whole thing. until it is right. 

A Happy New Year to all...may it be filled with laughter and joy....di

(I forgot to add the part where I paint, ink, and embellish.....after the composition is done....
Minor details...)