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Sunday, June 24, 2018

"Not Adele"

Have had company--yes it is summer 'vacation' time--and love having them, but I do not have as much time in my studio.  So, I paint when I can. I am trying to catch up on some challenges from some classes (the ones I especially want to do) and this is a response to Klimt.  I LOVE Klimt.  He is so obsessive.  His abstractions of the figures into the background is amazing.  Unfortunately, I did not capture that in my painting--next time I promise--but she is pretty.

The name of the piece is, "Not Adele", because Adele is one of Klimt's favorite models (love) that he painted many times over.

Now, I have to go and remake beds....I think I am one of the few people who 'cherish' winter...

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Sometimes, I like to flatter myself and say that I use, 'simple forms for complex thoughts'.  This is actually a political piece!  I feel helpless as I watch what is going on in the world today and in my 'head' (a dangerous place), I see the wise ones watching as we destroy ourselves and misplace our ideologies.  Just writing this makes me sad.

Now... that I have depressed everyone and no one will like this painting anymore, I guess I should stop writing....BUT,  I do think it is a good piece of artwork because true art (IMHO) must reflect our lives and the times!! ...di