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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello 2012

Had a wonderful Christmas with all our family together and then took a well deserved break from everything. Now I am refocusing and defining what I need to do this coming year.

I spent the last several years trying to be commecially sucessful and I feel that I lost the 'art' part of what I do. So, having said that, this year I am going to work on thematic exploratory pieces. I have already found a themed competition that intrigues me. The two pictures are the first two steps of the piece. I wish that I could post pictures of the progress and process but the competition states that the quilt can not be published on the internet or shown at any other quilt show. So, after I am accepted or rejected I will post the final project.

At the moment I am just working on the background and the quilt will be quite different when it is done. I can tell you that the title of the piece will be "Hello-Goodbye".

So hello again to you and good-bye for now. di