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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mini Quilt Swap piece

This is a piece I made for a 'mini quilt swap'.  My swap partner is currently redoing a guest bedroom in sea glass colors and she loves dragonflies.  Hope she loves this, I do.  The quilt is 9x15 inches.  I have fun participating in these because it gives me a challenge, new themes to work on, and is not overly time consuming.  This little jewel is going to is that for an avatar name!

Time for some more smalls.....

 Finished my last competition piece for the year and now I am going to work on some smalls.  I love doing these because I can just be inventive and do whatever makes me happy.  The middle of July, I will be in Gatlinburg doing some demo time at Arrowcraft, sooooo....that means I have to build up some stock because I just know every piece I bring will just go walking out the door.   I will be prepared for success  :-)  ....

In October, I will be in a tour of 'Artist's Open Studios', in Sweetwater,  which should be fun.  Also, have a couple more things on my schedule wihich I will share later.  But for now it is 'get to work' time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peek-competition piece shhhh!

This will be the background for a new piece I am working on...I will do all this piecing and then put it in a dye bath and see what happens...then there will be some bleaching and then the foreground will be applied.  All of this has a lot of 'happenstance'(is that a word?), so we shall see...working great so far....keep your fingers crossed  :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Silly Project....

I have always been fascinated by the school girl alphabet samplers.  They make me pause and wonder whose hands stitched the letters, houses, etc.  So, I decided to make something that in years to come when sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop will, hopefully, cause someone to stop and reflect about my hands working, and my mind creating.  I am doing a 'bio' piece for the year 2014.  Taking something that impacts or reflects my month, making a small reflective piece, and eventually sewing them all together, I am creating a time capsule of my year.  There will be some embellishments, etc., after all the pieces are sewn together and I think I am going to frame it.  We shall see.  I am halfway through the year and who knows what the rest of the pieces will be.  It is fun to work on and hopefully interesting enough that no one will throw it away before the 100 years I would like it to last.  I do have my delusions...LOL