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Monday, September 25, 2017

"Let the Children Know No Sorrow"

This is a 'redo/finish' of a painting I started a long time ago.  I had never finished it but liked the three musicians and never threw the canvas away.  As the painting progressed (this time), I started to see where it was to go.  When finished, I knew in my soul that the title of the piece was, "Let the Children Know No Sorrow".  Times are so chaotic and divisive now that it is scary, sobering, and oppressive.  It is my hope that the children will not feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and that we as adults can correct and heal the world so that we can once again be proud of who we are and what we represent.  Sorrow has visited this planet many times through the ages but my hope is that the children can be enveloped in the joy of life.

This is probably not my best painting ever but it is a heartfelt one.  Namaste...di

Sunday, September 17, 2017

to add a layer or not to layer....that is the question!

The reason this was a challenge is because at each stage of the painting I was so tempted to call it done!  I had to take the risk of ruining all that I had done and just hope that I liked the next layer better than the one I had just finished.  I am glad that I kept going and next time I probably need to push even further.  The trend in painting now, from what I have seen, is obsessively patterned and spattered images.  For me there is a fine line between complexity and just too much.  I am basically a simple soul. Not simple minded, hear, hear!

So this is this week's painting.  I am calling it, "Metro Girls".

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Who Knew????

This year has been a great year in my studio!  I have participated in two internet classes that have been exercising and honing my skills.  This piece is for a challenge to paint like John Sanger Sargent.

Now, Sargent, is by far one of my most respected idols.  His portrait work just blows me away (highly technical art verbiage).  I know this piece would probably have Sargent rolling over in his grave but I kind of like it.  It  has nothing in common with my other work but it was a great project to tackle.

Who knew...that I would ever do a 'formal' standing portrait of a male?  I think maybe I should do more (hmmmm).  To be honest, I was really looking for a picture of an old man in overalls to fit in with my 'style in Tennessee', and my sense of humor, but I settled for college boy instead.  Maybe next time a farmer....who knows....

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This week...

I am looking rather crazy these days 'stylewise'....Normally I work on a series, but this year I have taken a year off to just explore.  I enrolled in a couple classes to make myself try new things and it has been a very productive year so far.  The classes have really refreshed my viewpoint, honed some skills, and let me see what is happening in that big internet art world out there. Now it is almost time to start another series.  I have until the first of next year (self determined) to decide on a theme for the next series. The hard part of doing a series is that one wants to do something different than what is currently being done.  Hmmmm, working on it, that is all I can say for now.

The above picture was this weeks assignment in a class that I am taking..have a blessed week!....bye