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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I really am working....

I haven't just been playing! My goal was to make 500' scrappie star' ornaments for fall shows. Well, that goal has realistically been modified to 250 and I am almost done except for putting on the hanging ribbons.

The starz were an interesting project in that I promised myself I would spend no extra money on the making of them. I took all my scraps and sewed them together into long strips of ribboned fabric. However, I ran out of material too soon. So then, I recruited scraps from fellow quilters, and batting, and buttons. What a great group of friends. I told three people I needed buttons, lo and behold, I was gifted with over 10,ooo shirt buttons. I was afraid after that to tell anyone else I needed anything!

Every star is different and somewhat funky. I must confess that if I see another scrap anytime soon, I will run in fright. Now back to purses.....

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