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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Army Brat

This the is quilt that was accepted into Houston's Festival Gallery of Art Quilts competition, Memories of My Childhood.  My quilt's title is "Army Brat" .  I grew up living  20 places in 16 years as a military dependant.   The first thing that came into my mind upon reading the theme of this competition was moving vans, displacement, and my father's recommendation that I bloom where I was planted (for the moment). This picture was taken by a friend that was fortunate enough to attend the show and kind enough to send me a picture of it hanging with the ribbon.  I used multiple techniques and like the piece because of the personal connection that I have to it.


Sarah said...

Great piece. And well done for getting a ribbon (I feel very lucky to have given 'Time to Rest' a home and I can see some of the techniques used in my piece were used in Army brat)

Debbie S. said...

I can so relate to this quilt. Dad was in the Coast Guard we moved all the time. Love your quilt and congrats on the ribbon!