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Thursday, January 17, 2013

next project on the way....

This has to do with a challenge of "Monograms".  Started to think about it and I realized I have had four monograms in my life!  Which one is me?  At first I was leaning towards my maiden name intitials but then I realized that I am a product of all the initials I have worn in my life.  Hence this project. Each row of initials is composed of the years that I carried them.  The pink hand embroidered areas say, I Do, I Do Not, Who Am I, No No No, Do Do Do, etc....This possibly suggests that I am conflicted about relationships.  Just a guess!!!!
 Not quite done yet but soon.  Have some embellishing to do and don't know what else yet.
The title of the piece is "A Lifetime of Monograms, A Cinderella Story?"
The base of what it is really about (I think) is how different our lives turn out than what we expected....
I think too much....


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