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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Next three almost done!

I am on my way to having 30 quilts this medium size (for a small quilt), and then I need several smaller ones (which will probably be faces), and one large for display....THEN I will be ready for the Southern Highland  Craft Guild's show in the fall.  Whether all this is achievable, I will let you know in September. LOL...
Working on three at a time lets me be a little more efficient in pulling out fabrics etc, plus I just like the challenge of doing three that coordinate yet are different.  You can tell as the fabrics I am working with run out because I have to draw from a different palette, ie the red.  These three are about connection as per the cord/thread that connects us as human beings, families, and societies is represented in each piece. 
Just catching up on the I need to go quilt the one on the right and bind it....
I am excited about the next three the back will be a lovey soft color...we shall see, have a couple of ideas for the theme but am not sure yet....bye

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