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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Company coming...finish up for now and thinking

So, have been working on these and they are them, hate them....will evaluate them in three months.  They are evolving and I am really liking the triangular angels...

Somewhere on facebook was posted a saying to the effect that " an artist's job is not to evaluate their work, their job is to create it.."  .I have taken that saying very much to heart and whenever I start to critique my own work, I stop myself!

If a creator/artist produces and produces, their style and viewpoint becomes more evident and technique will improve just by the repetition of the processes.  So it is a win/win for an artist to show up everyday and work, work, work.  That is exactly what I do....everyday. 

Sooo..saying all that, I am not judging my work, I am just "evolving" although sometimes it seems more like revolving...but that's a path I am not going

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