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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

There is a reason I do not do bedspreads BUT....

Okay, here is the way it is.....remodeling guest room, (low budget of course).  Doing boom swaps, given a ton of black background, rose/floral material (did I mention my house is victorian)..and I say to self--self you can make the bedspread for the room--save big money LOL.  Many months later, I have finished  piecing the top of the comforter and still have the shams to make.  The low budget part, haven't bought the batting yet $70, paid for quilting yet $100, bought pillow forms??? you get the idea...BUT..I will have a comforter with blocks made from many friends and it will be special...will I do it again...ummmm NO!  Do not try to find a place for  your eyes to rest...there is none :-(
I really like doing the art pieces much -more-better....

1 comment:

Teresa Lambing said...

You're right, it's impossible! Beautiful though.