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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year-New Work on the way....

This is how I create a larger piece (over 40")...I plan the design, draw on muslin, load up on a mid-arm, surround myself with fabric of all colors and sizes, and then go to town.  Not anything mysterious to the process, it just takes time!  My mid-arm gives me  a lot of trouble so sometimes the process is wrought with frustration.  I scream, yell, curse, and then prevail as I refuse to have a machine limit me.  The fun part of this process is I don't get to see the whole piece until I unroll it off the it is sort of like Christmas and getting a present, (I might like it, I might not).  Of course, I can always reload it on the machine and finesse the whole thing. until it is right. 

A Happy New Year to all...may it be filled with laughter and joy....di

(I forgot to add the part where I paint, ink, and embellish.....after the composition is done....
Minor details...)

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