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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Over Achiever Syndrome....

So, this is how it begins! New piece and I am blocking in my shapes. Before I start with the paint, I draw out a very rough sketch in my sketch book for compositional purposes. Does the painting always reflect my primary sketch? The answer is, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Usually, I do not show a piece at this stage because it can change drastically and I suspect this one will be much different when finished. I always have a thought I am trying to express when I do a painting and that I stay true to but the images sometimes have a mind of their own! I also (almost always), have some technical goals in mind. I feel that my colors have been too bright and pure in the previous canvases and my goal this time is to keep the color softer and muted. I hesitate to share that with you as I may fail in epic proportions in this endeavor. NOW, you are wondering 'why', am I doing an epic narration. The answer to that question is that in my '101, Succeeding as an Artist', research, the experts suggest that I share my process.....I am such a good student ie 'over achiever' So I am sharing.....learned to share in kindergarten! Well, sorta....

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