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Friday, January 27, 2017


I am taking an online class, "Let's Face It 2017", in which for 52 weeks we will be doing a face a week.  This week was introduced by a guest instructor and we did glazing on top of a monochromatic painting.  I have always wanted to try this technique as it is what the old masters did. I had a really great time trying this procedure out.  The process is slow but if you build up slowly over time, you will have a really stellar piece. (Which I will do in the near future). ...So-  most everyone else in the class is doing pretty faces but I want to do 'mature' faces.  I have put out a call to friends, old in friendship and a little old in timeline, and hope to do most of them during this year.  I see a show coming up titled--"Old Cronies"....stay tuned....

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