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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My 'fancy' sketchbook

So, this is my 'fancy' sketchbook in which I do images that are just for challenging myself.  It is 11"x 14" so it is large for a sketchbook.  This page I wanted to do something pretty.  In one of the classes I am participating in,  everyone does such beautiful women faces and I do real (mostly old) people.  This particular lesson was on using gold foil which of course I could not get on smoothly but what the heck!  My face in reality is not as good as a lot of the people but it is my style and my husband loves it.  So that counts for something....

This sketchbook is kind of treated as a journal, but I tend to obsessively finish the pages, a journal should probably be looser. I am in no hurry so I sporadically work in it.  You can see the opposite page above is totally different from the pretty Madonna.  Sometimes, I am tempted to cut out a page and frame it BUT I have not allowed myself to do that yet. It is a 'collection'!

close up of above "Madonna"
 Here is a glimpse inside of my sketchbook...all mediums, all techniques and lots of experimentation....


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