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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What am I doing?

I have no idea how to manipulate this site, but I am going to jump in, head or feet first and create my first posting, I guess the purpose of my site is to connect to others who are 'creators' so that we can share our angst and elation that we experience through the process of our work. My goal this week and probably throughout my life is to open up more time for my creative work and close the vortexes that are sucking up my energies, ie gardening, family, social commitments, etc. All of which I enjoy but delegate too much time to. Sound familiar?

I need to define the direction I am going to go in my work. I had been focusing primarily on a spiritual path of painting and I can't seem to leave the genre. My short term goal right now is to show up, work, and let the rest evolve. One of my many faults is to volunteer for what I perceive as a good cause and now I have a backlog of projects that must be finished in the next two weeks for others.

For me, I am working on two textile projects. One is in cotton and the other is using wool. Am not sure where they are going to lead me but following is interesting. I always feel that after one starts a project the art takes over and leads the artist to its completion.


julia said...

Hey, Diana, I see you decided to go ahead with your blog. I am so glad. I will help you in any way I can, but my knowledge is limited. There's a lot of experimenting that goes on with my blog. I will link to yours from mine so some of my followers may check you out. It's amazing how quickly you get to "know" people through the blogging world.

Julia said...

Hummmm....., I was just checking out your blog again and saw that my comment above doesn't have my pict. or tell you who it's from. I'm trying again.