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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tennessee Presents Textiles

Well, we (the Tennessee Presents Textiles committee) are gearing up for an exhibit at the Athen's Living Heritage Museum presenting numerous regional textile artists' work. The exhibit is to showcase a flavor of the upcoming runway show featuring national artwear artist Rachel Clark and hopefully help to sell tickets to the event (November 13th). And ,of course, I am one of the regional artists ,so I have a vested interest in all of this craziness. If you look closely at the pictures you can see a corset, a blue wrap coat and a kimono coat of mine. Sorry the pictures came out so blurry, I must need to readjust the settings on my camera. It has been fun working on this event but now the promoter side of me has to sit back and I need to get the rest of my jackets done. The blue jacket on the manikin in the upper right of the lefthand picture is the blue fabric that was laying on the bed in the picture before this entry. Keeping busy, enjoying life...til next time.....chio


Julia said...

Sorry I wasn't there to help. I thought you were just going to plan what to do. I am home now, though, and God willing, if Mother will start doing some better, I will be available to help out. She isn't doing well at all, now, though.
Your creations are wonderful!

iNgRid said...

Busy, busy, you are!