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Sunday, August 15, 2010

working, working

I am in working mode now! Have a runway show coming up November 13th (Tennessee Presents Textiles) and 'the pedal is to the metal' in getting coats made. Here are three panels of fabric that I just created that will be turned into jackets. My vote is for the brown one. I think I will make it my size so that if it doesn't sell, I can wear it! It has an oriental feel to it and that is always my favorite. Next panel currently on the table to be made is rich chocolate browns and the one after that is bright oranges/reds. The orange/red will probably be a vest/corset. Even I would hesitate to wear too much of this red/orange combo. One step in front of the other and I will wake up one day and my goals will be a reality. This is basically the plan that got me through college. A friend told me that Winston Churchill became the prime minister of England when he was 64, so taking that as inspiration, I've got plenty of time to rule the world.....

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Julia said...

I'm glad to see one of us is working on stuff for the fashion show. I am going to go through my grand's closet while I'm in AZ and see if I've made her something that could be showcased. I won't be trying to sell anything, i don't suppose. There won't be time to make any extra things. I will have to find a tiny model to wear this grand's dresses. I may have to have my older daughter send me some stuff.