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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Just finished my swap quilt for "Another Little Quilt Swap".  It is a swap that is organized by Kate North, a women from England and is truly international! In the last swap my quilt was received by Kate and I received a quilt from an artist in the Netherlands.  You can find the info on the swap by googling 'Another Little Quilt Swap'. I really enjoy participating in it and the way it is set up is awesome.  Check it out.

Promo done...onto my piece...

I am determine in the next 12 months to utilize the odd bits that I just can't seem to throw away into worthy keepable pieces.  The criteria for the swap this time is just that the piece must be 12"x12".  I had a silk painted face that I had done without any resist, just as a lark when the dyes were out, that was just about the right size. The face was somewhat irregular but something just kept me from throwing her away.  Lord knows I tried, but I just couldn't trash her.  So here she is reworked.  She looks a bit tired so I gave her a chair to rest on.  Hence the name of the piece is "Time to Rest"!


babeyruth said...

I love this,,I would love to know HOW you did it!

Sarah said...

Hi Diana,
I am the recipient of your beautiful little piece of art and I absolutely love her (my husband thinks she looks like Cher - he's got a point)I am thilled to give her a new home. she also came in the nick of time as Im off to india for three weeks tomorrow and the post man was so relieved there was someone in to recive her!! So a huge big thank you Diana!!
Regards Sarah
Oh yes she was also on my 'desperately must have' list!

Pam George said...

Hi Diana. Finally found your blog and became a follower. It's right up my alley.