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Monday, June 24, 2013

So much going on.....

a dream of a lifetime is trying to come true..I am about to put a contract on a small studio!  Time will tell but I am ever hopeful.  As for my day to day, I am still working on small art quilts.  The latest two are below....the top quilt is created with silk dyes and the lower with inks....

The next ones in queue will not be faces.  They will have stairs and figures.  I need at least 10 more smalls and then I can concentrate on a large piece.  Experimenting with all sorts of products is helping me to identify what processes work best for what I want to accomplish.  A lot of little chores await on my 'to do' list, such as setting up an ETSY store, ordering labels, etc.  Marketing/selling is so not what I want to do..  With a studio on the horizon, it is time to start promoting myself again and justify the expense of my own space.  I have dreamed of a space that I would not have to leave or pay someone's  mortgage off for them and it is just at the edge of my fingertips....wish me luck....d
I just read this and I do sound a little 'harried'...oh well, life

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