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Friday, July 24, 2015

My little world.....

I am starting a series of paintings that I am going to refer to as my 'village' paintings.  They will be full of imaginary characters, mystery, and magic.  If you ask me to explain them, I won't.  The narrative is up to you.  However, I will give you titles, so that is really  kind of a hint to my brain.  This piece is called, "the gift," and you will see repetition of many objects in this painting in the upcoming paintings.

I am energized and enjoying this whole process.  I  randomly sketched for about 2 months before I decided what the new paintings would be about.   Some of those sketches are posted on my  facebook's page, Difergi's.

Hope you enjoy these as I post them and that your narrative is happy and full of joy.  This piece is 24x36" and painted with acrylic paint.

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